Pages of My Life


I thought it might be of interest to share some of the tunes that have come into my mind over the decades. Each one sprung from a root connected to someone, something, someplace I've connected with in my time.

Helen's Hymn

Helen’s Hymn…A tune written for my mother who enjoyed going to church as much as going to the garden. Ten years in the making, it was completed at her funeral in August 2013. It is intended to be played like the famous Johnny Cope where the first two parts are played slow, with the next three parts picking up the tempo. The tune returns to the first part once through,where it slows to its original tempo.

BTW, there are two more turns on this, it is a 2-pager - couldn't fit it all on right now, but we will get there.

The Barra Glen Road

A slow jig or 6/8 march that brings an earthy feeling to my bones. It was written in 2000 for the place I was brought up on, grew up on, and threw up on in my passage through life.